Serena Chen.
graphic designer

Kleenex Tissue Box Redesign


Kleenex Tissue Box
Package Redesign


To create a tissue box for Kleenex by using a single piece of paper to make a dieline for understand the process of packaging production, as well as product stocking and delivery to the market.



Facial tissue is a product that we use often, and it is part of the common household items. Focusing on the usage, the design concept was formed that the box becomes part of the decoration on a desk or anywhere in the house. The theme of this project was to create the boxes to resemble sofas which are places where we feel safe and warm at home. By choosing the mid-century style as the texture, the packaging creates a modern look and a relaxing atmosphere for the customer. The shape of the packaging is also easy for stocking and can save space at home, in the store, and in the shipping container.


+ a school project at Academy of Art University 


+ instructor MICHAEL OSBORNE

+ category PACKAGING

+ keyword COZY, CLEAN, FRESH

+ target audiences 16 – 65 YEARS OLD