Serena Chen.
graphic designer



Title Sequence — Amélie

This title sequence was created for a school project at Academy of Art University
in 2014 Fall, directing by Colin Sebestyen. Creating a relative visual style, Amelie
brings us a quirky and playful beat.


Smitten Ice Cream Promotional Video

directed by Serena Chen
music by Serena Chen


Where Are You

Remember the time we laugh so hard like a child? Remember the time we don't need to worry about the life that much? Remember the time we hope to be adult soon? When we grow up and facing the reality, is it still the same as we expect? Meeting more and more people and different situation oppress our energy. We lose our childlike heart, and instead, put on the mask to protect ourselves from other people. Even though we can't change the world, but we still can find our happily innocent moment and childlike heart back. Let's find the joy in our lives again!


Johnny Cash — Man in Black