Serena Chen.
graphic designer

Marketing Campaign: Small Can Be Big


Small Can Be Big
SweetNSwag Marketing Campaign



To select a brand and create a promotional campaign. Apply knowledge of concept development, composition design, and meaningful visuality to engage the design solution and communication of the problems.


This project is collaborating with Sweet N Swag, an Etsy shop for handmade bowties and accessories. They began when one of their friends lost a baby. They made bowties to help fundraise as a support to their friend. They continually make bowties with this spirit—to do something good, and bring hope and joy to their customers. Inspired by their belief “by small and simple things are great things brought to pass,” the concept is an encouragement story that tells audiences everyone is special and each person has their own strength. Believe yourself and you will do great things.

By using the children’s book format with watercolor as artwork, the promotional book brings a handcrafted feeling and creates a friendly mood to fit the company’s style. With the use of a few colors, the book also shows how the simple things can create their own unique image.


+ a school project at Academy of Art University 

+ course VISUAL SYSTEM 2

+ instructor ESZTER CLARK

+ category PRINT


+ target audiences 0 – 12 YEARS OLD